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D6.2 Life Cycle Assessment

This report (Deliverable 6.2) contains the results obtained from the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the tidal turbine blades developed in the NEMMO project, as well as the LCA of two tidal energy farms where the turbines use the project blades.

D1.3 Simulation results

This report (Deliverable 1.3) summarizes our efforts to validate the experimental work of SSPA against Technion’s computations. These tasks are identified in the Grant Agreement as Tasks 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. This work package uses a widely used open-source tool Qblade/Xfoil.

D1.4 Loads and stresses cycles novel definition for test rigs 

This report (Deliverable 1.4) summarizes our effort towards the Magallanes tidal turbine performance assessment against load and stress cycles. These tasks are identified in the Grant Agreement as Task 1.4. This work package uses a widely used open-source tool Qblade.

D2.2 Active Flow Control strategies and novel tests-rigs for tidal turbines composite blades

This document reports the work done during the task 2.2 of the work package 2 of the NEMMO project. The work includes a large test programme at SSPA, including 3 sets of blades, which includes carbon fibre blades from Canoe and bronze blades from SSPA for blade geometry 1 and 2. It also includes testing of constant cross-sectional profiles at 0.5R and 0.8R on the original blades. Two types of flow control were tested but reported in T2.3. Furthermore, Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) was used to measure the flow field at 3 planes upstream and downstream of the blades. Finally, surface roughness modelling is described. CFD and LES modelling are mainly described in WP1.

D3.4 Public report on NEMMO biomimetic and multi-material bulk properties testing results 

This report (Deliverable 3.4) summarizes our effort in Work Package 3 towards the assessment of the novel composite material solutions to enhance the resistance of marine tidal turbine blade.

The Work Package targets three parallel approaches adopted to enhance blade material performance. Each refers to a separate Task and is addressed in turn in the report.

D7.1 Material for Visual Identity

The purpose of a visual identity for the project is to position and promote the NEMMO brand among internal and external stakeholders. The foundation of this brand development is a strong, coherent visual identity.

D7.2 Project Website

The website acts as the key online platform and repository for the project. The website is the main source of news on the project, providing an overview of the project’s objectives, activities and partners, and hosting the public deliverables and reports generated.

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