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NEMMO workshop on innovative materials for ocean energy

Online / Plymouth, UK

The NEMMO project team joined forces with the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy (ETIP Ocean) to host a workshop focussing on innovative materials. The event was held as an official side event at the European Wave & Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC 2021).

The workshop included an in-depth discussion on the challenges, opportunities and future developments of materials used in ocean energy devices. It highlighted results from the latest research on materials.

Components and systems used in ocean energy devices need to be resistant to corrosion and the heavy loads that they are subject to. At the same time, a higher level of circularity should be considered in the development of new materials. Significant experience has been accumulated by other offshore industries which use many materials and coatings in the marine environment. Understanding the potential benefits of these new materials in ocean energy devices whilst ensuring structural integrity and durability is required.

The NEMMO project presented the results of its research activities in terms of materials and coatings. This included the formulation of novel materials for blades, mainly nano-reinforced composites, antifouling coatings and antifouling biomimetic surfaces.

View the agenda | Register for the online event

The workshop was free-of-charge and open to all. 

If you would like to join online, register to receive the meeting link. 

If you were present at the ETWEC in-person conference, you could follow the session from room Rolle 117. To ask questions, you must register and connect via the online Zoom event.

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