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NEMMO side event at OEE2021: On the Cutting Edge of Tidal Blade Design and Materials


The NEMMO project, now in its third year, has already made great progress in testing and producing tailored composites, coatings and appendages for a novel tidal blade. NEMMO project team will host a webinar highlighting the latest findings on materials and modelling, as well as the results we have achieved. The event is being held as an official side event at the Ocean Energy Europe 2021 annual conference (OEE2021).

This side event will cover the following topics:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for simulating tidal turbine cavitation
  • Cavitation tunnel testing for tidal blades design
  • Increase of blades strength by means of adding carbon nanoparticles included in composite formulation
  • Biomimetic texturing as an effective antifouling solution
  • Anti-fouling and cavitation resistance coatings for tidal blades
  • Accelerated ageing test to reproduce the degradation of composite material in sea water

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The workshop is free-of-charge and open to all. 

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